Jesse Avdeikov

The artworks are exhibited at Exhibition Laboratory (C).

1986 / Petrozavodsk


Paintings, oil on canvas

My works are absurd, self-biographical and collage-like constructs about the peculiar way in which I experience reality. When I start to work, I may think about a photograph, a memory, beer, a scenery, a pair of words, a book, food, a situation, a defect, sorrow, injustice, water, colour, joy, loneliness, an expression, death, a face, a creature, or something else that piques my interest. I piece together the first parts of the picture in my head or sketch them down on paper.

Each painting comprises its own world, but it follows the rules of an internal universe which is simultaneously childlike and existential. The painting may be about a generational experience or just a trip whose purpose is to find an answer to everything and to waste some time while doing it.

The best part of painting is to work on the details and the consequent state of losing oneself, which gives me great pleasure. In this way, I can convey my physical presence.

I also write stories about the world of the paintings as I work on them. The texts represent auto-fiction, or stream of consciousness, where I let everything that exists in my brain flow out onto the paper. This is my way of expressing my feelings.

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