Erno -Erik Raitanen: RAJAT / BORDERS, 2015, Jatkuva poikkitieteellinen prosessi /Ongoing interdisciplinary process

Erno-Erik Raitanen

RAJAT, 2015

“The red beanie was around the last time as well. Nobody was even then able to tell if he was friend or foe.”

“Circling in the crowd, there was a hipster who claimed to be a photographer. I wonder what kind of Nazi archive he was collecting.”

“What sort of hipster?”

“I didn’t think of starting an anti-fascist archive of my own i.e. to take a photo, but he was a young man, thin as a string, hipster glasses, a red beanie and a scarf that might have been fashionable.”

“When asked, the Canon-man said he was just taking photos for his own pleasure and wasn’t representing anyone.”

“Let’s put the Canon-man into circulation.”

“That Canon-man looks so much like a libtard/pinko (it is surprising how you can spot these beanpoles just by their looks) that it would be a big miracle if he wasn’t a photographer/journalist for some greenie-leftist rubbish media or a greenie-commie.”

“That Canon-wimp was carrying a recorder on his neck. So he was recording people speaking.”

“Is this some kind of bolo-anarchist?”

“I asked him, and he said he is a freelance photographer.”

Erno-Erik Raitanen, 1982, Lahti