Valokuva ja videoinstallaatio / Photography and video installation

Ksenia Yurkova

Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits


The multimedia project ‘Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits’ addresses food through the lenses of hunger and overconsumption. The project employs a biopolitical approach to historical periods of conflict, studied in tandem with a contemporary ideological understanding of lifestyle, fashion, and well-being. It is implemented via performative video, photography, and installation. These media connect discourses of alimentation to spheres of language and memory through experimenting with different aesthetics of representation.

I am interested in how problems of language and communication function through processes of stereotyping; their enclosure into aspects of politics and economy; their operation in memory registers; and how these interconnect with problems of veracity and reliance. I research the phenomenon’s existence and habitude, relating to both verbal and visual languages, specifically seeking non-verbal manifestations through a body and its affects.

Ksenia Yurkova, 1984, St. Petersburg, Russia