Sekatekniikka / Mixed media

Saska Ylätalo


Are you an art-ist?

Assimilate, shelter, take cover, copy, repeat, smell, remember.

Camouflage, need to use verbs. Nouns. Incomplete clauses.

Protrusions, anomalies, voluminous bumps, deformed figures and hernias. Commas, stripes and splashes. Trying, retreating, mixing, being flattened. Painting = a being that exists in relation to its surroundings.

Assimilating into a background can either be regarded as a biological or a cultural strategy. An attempt to accommodate the prevailing environment. The relationship between the individual and their environment/the relationship between a painting and a space.

What would you like to say?

Nothing. But I would like to show you something.

Saska Ylätalo, 1990, Nurmijärvi