Unohtamisen alue, 2017

Virpi Viljanmaa

I would like to answer the question: Why do I make art?


Making art either alone or with others is interesting, wonderful, fun, often extremely demanding, but also very rewarding. It often evokes strong feelings and thoughts, which may not always be pleasant or easy to deal with. Idealism, hope and love are connected to my desire to make art. They keep me alive and mentally sound in our harsh world. Laughter makes things easier, because many things have a crazy or a funny side to them, and art is supposed to make them visible.


Dear reader, the picture on the next page depicts a Juniperus Communis, or Common Juniper. Common Juniper has a large geographical range, and it can live up to a thousand years. The tree needs much light, and sun spots may affect its growth. For us Finns, the Juniper People, it is a mythical tree. Right now we should pay close attention to the question of what we need to preserve, value and protect in the world. What is valuable? What would be something that, if lost, would make the world and humanity poorer? What would be something without which art would be poorer?




Virpi Viljanmaa, 1978, Vaasa




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