Installaatio / Installation

Enni Suominen

Although the schedule was very tight, the setting and angles had been studied with great care in order to create just the right impression of a field overgrown with weeds. Everything was supposed to be ready for filming, but then around thirty-five dandelions unexpectedly started to blossom. It is very likely that the flowers would only have provided a slight hint of yellow that would not even have been visible. Nevertheless, Tarkovsky had ordered them to be uprooted, saying: “You see, Rashid, even if you cannot see them, you can feel them.”


She noticed a contrast between the finished and unfinished pieces, and kept talking while drawing a circle with her finger in the air in front of my layered oil painting. She gestured with a peaceful line towards purely arrayed readymade elements, which stood there as they were. Then she pulled her finger back and drew her arm close. When she had finished making the invisible pattern, she realised that maybe it was not necessary to make changes after all. It was almost as if the series of movements had made her happy.

Enni Suominen, 1982, Kotka