Moottorit, elektroniikka, betoni, puu, rautarakenne ja neonvalo
Toinen hetki / Second moment, 2017

Gregoire Rousseau

Second Moment


Second Moment is based on found materials: timecard stands from an abandoned factory in Helsinki, and a behaviour sign board from a former jail in Turku. This artwork is a position on work and relates to time and the organisation of time.


Factory and jail are two closed spaces where time is ruled by coercion. Work, or labour, is time spent on production. The timecard stands do not represent salaried work as such, they are the first step into salaried work. They objectify the subjective limit of work; their function is to define the material limit of organised factory time. The sign board, on the other hand, clearly operates as a limit in space. It produces a territorial cut between the law and its limit. Going beyond the sign is a crime, insofar as production must, at all costs, be transformed into capital value. Second moment articulates these two aspects; the limit in time and space within the given condition of oppression.


The second moment is the space of time running from the completed transformation of capital into the product until it becomes transformed into money. (Karl Marx in Grundrisse der Kritik der politischen Ökonomie.)




Gregoire Rousseau, 1976, Albi, France


LISÄTILA ( Merimiehenkatu 36 E )