Liikkuva kuva, installaatio, 2017
Liikkuva kuva, installaatio, 2017

Iona Roisin

People assume Im an only child


I have a brother, he is two years younger than me, which makes him almost 25 at the time of writing. He is autistic, somewhere in the middle of the spectrum Id say, if that makes any sense. Hes quite sociable, but he cannot read or write. He usually seems happy, but is also prone to strong bouts of anxiety, related to death and/or abandonment.


Ive been trying to make this film for four years. Its probably a piece that cant ever be finished. Maybe thats ok. Originally, I thought this was a work that considered sibling relationships and how special needs may exacerbate these very normal tensions. But I was unable to say what I wanted to, and so the work wasnt very good.




People assume Im an only childis about the problems of making work of this nature; not only personal work, but work in which a power imbalance is directly manifest. By presenting the relationship between my brother and I the work seeks to explore consent and culpability, and the responsibility to ones subject in the wider context of art making. It asks how to be careful, how to be gentle, yet how to still be honest, how to strike a balance, and then how to still make the thing.


I am interested in what do we do with bad feelings, the ones we arent supposed to feel or admit to, let alone make public. Working at the intersection of writing, film and installation, my practice is broadly concerned with the idea of the Unspeakable, which encompasses notions of guilt, complicity, masochism and desire.



Iona Roisin, 1989, Oxford, Englanti




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