Resident Fellows

The Resident Fellow Program is the meeting point of the educational community – students and teachers – of the Academy of Fine Arts and the artists and writers in residence with the multitude of their creative practices. The program brings international artists and writers to undertake creative work in the proximity of the Academy community. It aims to support experimentation, reflection and discourse concerning arts and society.

The  program is implemented in cooperation with HIAP, Helsinki International Artist Programme.

Resident fellows in 2015 were Branislav DimitrijevicAttilia Fattori Franchini, Renée Green [in the photo] and Ulises Urra. In 2016 resident fellows were Wolf von Kries, Rana Dasgupta and Anastasia Ryabova. The resident fellows of 2017 were Basak Senova, Vassilis Vlastaras and Elena Agudio.