Teksti, kuva, video

Eeva-Maija Pulkkinen

Its toughts were so irrational and irritating in other ways, too, and it didn't really pay attention to what other people were saying. It just kept talking about itself. Sometimes I could sense that it was dismissive about my appearance or my habits, which it considered outdated. It became nervous, for example, if I performed a control or checked on something. I wasn't ashamed about it, however, and I was even a little proud of my pragmatic nature. And the fact that it evaluated me in the first place also meant that it noticed my existence. 

" I hate the forest, and it's really fucked up that you need to love it so much, and I feel the same about the seashore. It's so quiet in there and somehow I find the distant view depressing." "Well, we don't have to leave." I noticed that the texture of the fluid had changed. It looked more solid, and its flowing motion was thin, thick, unbent."




Eeva-Maija Pulkkinen, 1986, Turku