Tekstiiliveistos: puu, kangas, lanka, öljypuikko, lasi, 115 x 60 cm

Siiri Pohjolainen

Vomit Turquoise


Like symbolic forms, there is more to the visual arts than just mimicking the existing reality. For me, making art is more about revealing and experiencing life and putting it together. An artwork is also to some extent about condensation and reinforcement; how can you portray the essence of a sensory experience, a mood, sensitivity or brutality in one work?


When emotions are expressed in visual form, they enter a new, living, environment. I wish to give something more with art. With my works, I am able to reveal different sides of different things.


The works I make are paintings or three-dimensional works. For example, I combine fabric and thread with paint so that they form layered collages that include many levels of form and content.


(Source: Ernst Cassier, Art)



Siiri Pohjolainen, 1979, Lahti