Tekoturkikset, metalli, vaahto, sekatekniikka
Koirapäiset / Dogheaded, 2017

Olga Novola

The most important part of my artistic practice is the work process itself. I make many rough sketches, miniature prototypes, or I will sculpt a faster, simpler version of an upcoming piece. These work as guidelines for me as I work towards my goal; however, they are not set in stone and I will change them over time as I come closer to the finished project.


During the working process, I find the properties and textures of the materials to be very intriguing: the soft surface of faux fur, a rusty wire, the light and crunchy foam...


There is always something new to learn from experimenting with the materials.




Olga Novola, 1991, Moskova, Venäjä


LISÄTILA ( Merimiehenkatu 36 E )