Crush. Videoinstallaatio

Reija Meriläinen



I can feel the crushing somewhere inside me. Its horrifying, yet exhilarating. The impalpable force that seems to stop for nothing makes me think of real life power structures that violently shape people. It also makes me think of heaviness in general, of crushing and squashing fetishes, and of how I used to squash wine gum candies between books as a kid using my body as a weight, because I thought they tasted better that way. In some sense, this is the same obsession of mine that Ive worked with before a brute force object coming into contact with something soft and bodily, and transforming that material in an irreversible way. Longing, yet dreading to be touched.


Music: Maria Korkeila (original Jennifer Paige Crush)

Thank you Hydraulic Press Channel

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Reija Meriläinen