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Atro Linnavirta

Dead Presidents


Grandpa wanted to give it to me years ago. He thought that I would appreciate it after all, I had given a solemn speech about Carl Gustaf when I was a little boy. Our family was imbued with nationalistic ideals, and I, too, had become permeated by them. I said to my grandpa: You can hold on to it a little longer. I will take it when I have a place for it. A few years ago that moment came, when my grandparents had died due to the complications of old age. I took the picture to my studio along with the other things they had left behind that I had agreed to take with me. The picture fit in as well as an asylum seeker would in a True Finns convention, and it did not take me long to come up with the idea to attach bulging eyes to it.

And thats how it started.



Atro Linnavirta, 1982, Lahti


LISÄTILA ( Merimiehenkatu 36 E )