Olemisen keveys / Lightness of being, 2017. Öljyväri kankaalle 210x191 cm

Maija Lassila

Distant islet


Thoughts of distant places, and of how they remain out of reach, have formed the starting point of my recent works. I have thought about the Western world view, in which nature is regarded as something external, and this has led me to ponder on the world as something strange or familiar, close or distant. In my paintings, I play with different perspectives and vantage points to see what it means to exist or to be part of something, also in relation to other living beings.


To me, painting is a slow process, not a straightforward one. When I finish, I am usually in a place where I did not expect to find myself a place that is very far from my starting point. Painting is a way to be and to communicate. I have tried to use paint to create a sense of airiness and space. The viewer can linger on for a while by the painting.



Maija Lassila, 1985, Vihti