Valokuvainstallaatio, muuttuvat mittasuhteet / Photographic installation, dimensions variable

Christian Langeskiöld



In the first pages of his novel My Struggle, Part I, Karl Ove Knausgård provides an insightful description of how difficult it is to grasp not existing. It is easy to fantasise about death, but seeing a human body caught in the world of dead objects is almost unbearable.

With the development of technology, it seems very likely that in the near future, the human life-span could be prolonged by tens, if not hundreds or thousands of years—longer than we presently expect to live.

We try to keep that which is frightening at a distance. Imagine all the small gestures and the energy we put into staying alive every day: wearing seatbelts, eating healthy food, feeling bad when eating unhealthy food, helmets, e-cigarettes, carefully crossing the street. But danger is also fascinating, and it is central to many of the ways in which we entertain ourselves.

Christian Langeskiöld, 1978, Seattle WA, Yhdysvallat