Öljy kankaalle / Oil on canvas

Johanna Laakkonen


I have two easels at the corners of my studio, which I have connected with a plank. I tend to hang various beautiful things on the plank: dazzling silks, gorgeous velvets and ornate brocades. The textiles become folded and reflect light in different ways. I paint them one by one. They do not reflect each other’s colours, rather, they take over the canvas and form a surreal collage. Sometimes the edges of the textiles vanish in the air like brush strokes.

I often find myself rummaging through the selection of fabrics in textile stores. Sometimes I buy tiny pieces of silk just to enjoy their beauty. Textiles appeal to your senses—they invite you to touch them and come close to you. Textiles have been used throughout history to give an impression of power, affluence and charm. They are used to cover up and to reveal. Textiles hold universal appeal, and that is what I wish to show in my works.

Johanna Laakkonen, 1988, Vantaa