far far away, 2017
far far away, 2017
far far away, 2017

to kosie

It seems like we are consciously making choices and that the world around us is organised in more or less reasonable way. But there are things that we dont notice at all, hidden consequences of our actions that influence us and everything around us.


Every day we buy disposable plastic products packages of take away

coffee, food products in the shops, including vegetables and fruits, and plastic bags, which we throw away right after we come back home. Plastic makes us feel safe it creates an illusion that the products we buy werent used in any way before, that they dont contain any bacteria, viruses, any dirt. We dont think at all of the chemicals that it releases. Colourful packages attract us, they satisfy our need for tidiness. And they build up a need for food to be perfect.


Plastics dont ever dissolve. They photodegrade, breaking down into smaller and smaller particles, and finally becoming microplastics. Huge amount of them end up in the oceans, killing all kinds of sea creatures by entanglement, by being mistaken as food, by permeation through skin, by chemical poisoning. We don't know what the consequences of sea lifes destruction will be. For now, plastic comes back to us in food we eat, in fish, sea food, in vegetables grown on polluted soil and wrapped in plastic packages. Its becoming part of our bodies.


We cant observe the consequences because they are out of our scale. We also dont really want to know of them. We are detached from the process that we are a part of. Instead of noticing the reality, trying to work with what it is, we live in a constant dream.



to kosie, 1986 Siedlce, Puola

LISÄTILA ( Merimiehenkatu 36 E )