Ääni / Sound, 2018

Maria Kojonen

I often watch people who are at work in the office building opposite my studio. Do they ever look at me and wonder what I am doing? With a quick glance, it seems that we are doing similar things.

A pencil pusher in her office.

There’s a piece of text on my computer screen saying a network that connects people through a vibrating current of electricity.

I quietly form the words in my mouth and ponder what they would sound like in the gallery space. I imagine the sound vibrating from the walls underneath the layers of paint.

I sit behind the computer, slouching over the desk. The hours pass. Occasionally, I stand up and force myself to stretch. Sometimes I find myself in my armchair lost in thought.

Artist Hassan Sharif has said: “Art is a decision: I decide when and how to work.”

I am fascinated by the simultaneous presence of determination and freedom that the statement holds.

Maria Kojonen, 1989, Alahärmä