Installaatio. Kuva: Pauli Tapola
Töissä :) / Working :) 2017

Iiris Kaarlehto

In the beginning I wanted to do this art thingie, cause I didnt want there to be work in my life. Later

on though, Ive realized that its actually to the contrary: the artist is always at work, and no time

outside the work exists. I wouldnt want the logic of work dominate in the art, but some other, the

logic of a play or a game, or of leisure and unpredictability, or the logic of joy and destruction. But

such work is pretty exhausting if youre supposed to make a living with it. And Im not sure if Im able to do such work, or if anyone is, or if anyone even should be.

Therefore to this exhibition, I wanna do such a thing (work?) that would allow me to play while Im

making it, or be joyful, or understand something that I havent understood before. Its a bit difficult

to say much more about this thing or process, since it doesnt yet exist while Im writing this text.

But at least I can tell that it is not that important for me, whether it will be somehow good or

successful, or then again, if it will fail aggressively enough or be interesting, or whether it will

work. First of all, I just wanna be able to play instead of working. And, I cant really promise, that

this thing (work?) would anyway mediate these thoughts to anybody except myself. It might as well

just look like some no-thing looking like contemporary art, and the viewer might not get much out

of it. But actually it doesnt really matter how it looks like, but what it is or how it came to exist,

since art is no set up, or at least in my opinion it shouldnt be. But I might as well fail in my

aim, starting to think how it looks or what it communicates, I start to think about work. But then its maybe also ok, if it goes like that.




Iiris Kaarlehto, 1987, Espoo