Lasse Juuti

A year ago I was roaming around in the library’s art section, gazing through the shelves and thinking where my place in the alphabetical canon of art history would be. Who would come before and after me? Whose catalogue of works would rub against my own?

In my opinion, an artwork must be authored or discovered by someone—a person who decides and defines its boundaries. The work must have an individual identity which can be named and determined, just like when parents give a name to their child. Each painting in my series is like a character, and the boundaries of the work that I have sketched define themselves in relation to the tradition of self-portraiture., These individual paintings form a whole that refers to things external to them, similar to a word composed of letters

I have recently thought that letters may in fact be inconsequential. Letters stay the same even though their function constantly changes depending on the word and context in which they are used. The expressiveness of letters also greatly depends on the mode of production. There is an obvious difference between letters crafted by hand, made with computer and those which are uttered aloud.

Lasse Juuti, 1990, Tampere




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