Kiviveistos, 2016

Emma Jääskeläinen


Being unconditional it knows more than I.

I wanted to own it, and learn a few tricks.


The beginning is difficult.

The yellow plastic hangovers in my ears and the goggles letting the dust in.

When I remove the unpleasant diaper blocking my breath, my teeth crunch.

The hand gets achy if I forget to loosen it and delegate too many thoughts for it.

The left one is of no use.


Im a genius.


Im not thinking about anything but dont disturb me.

Im observing the stone, searching for a reason for everything.

This feels necessary.


The repeated hits tell me of its effect on the stone through sound.

I strike my thumb, fuck, now its soft shaped; like the sculpture.

Its all that same cellulite.

I can do nothing.


Hey stone, I love you.



Emma Jääskeläinen, 1988, Espoo