Vesivärimonotypia , 2017

Merja Isomaa-James

Six Eyed Girl

Who would you like to have dinner with? Why?

Id like to have dinner with a friend of mine. Easy and convenient.


Two of the most useless items you own?

A troll that has two heads and a Father Christmas candle.


Can you name an item you would not want to give up or lose? Why?

A mocha machine, good coffee in the morning.


Your favourite memory?

One of the best experiences Ive had was a road trip: South Carolina New Orleans Texas: Big Ben New Mexico: Roswell South Carolina.


Is there a question that youd like to answer?

What happened?


Is there something we dont know about you? What is it?

Im a florist.


What is your favourite conversation topic?

Human relationships and weather phenomena.



Merja Isomaa-James, 1981, Kuortane