Muste, akryyli ja öljyväri paperille

Hanna Hyy

A Letter

Small hands of a gaze spread out from the eyes and go as far as the eye can see

picking up things, chunks and events/ lifting the trouser leg of the phenomenon by looking/ the mummies of life forms, the thing’s hardened beauty/ gifts from the muddy valleys of everyday life

the world is a workbench of observations/ a finger, darkened under the nail, breaks the surface of the water in an endless loop, again and again, in an image that will not cease or go away even behind closed eyes.

Stretch the verbal layer until it becomes visible. Tell a story or emphasise one word, make it a joker, a trump card, a poem, something that will make the moment stand still. Write a letter or think of a riddle. Be of power, only gently.





Hanna Hyy,1990, Helsinki


LISÄTILA ( Merimiehenkatu 36 E )