Papaya Whip, 2017

Matti Harju

Matti Harjus approach to sculpture is often guided by language and happenstance.

I ask Harju to comment on this short description of his working methods. Does he think its a fair description? Harju looks puzzled. He keeps searching for the last scraps at the bottom of a Doritos packet, which he already finished long ago, and licks his fingertips with great precision. I start to think he did not hear the question. Then he opens his mouth and speaks in a barely audible voice: I liked Chevy Chase…” It seems like hes about to continue, looking unmistakeably like Han Solo after he was frozen in carbonite. Is this conscious on his part or a coincidence, I cannot tell. My headache starts to become worse. Why do I have to do this kind of an interview, especially on a day like this? Even the rain seemed to keep falling longer. An utter waste of time. Epson…” Wait, did he just say something? I need to check my recording later. Did he say Epson? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I try to find my iPhone in my bag, while thinking about the flat white they serve here, its always so good, as if my mind was some kind of customer experience research service stuck in an infinite feedback loop.


Matti Harju, 1978, Kouvola