Exhibition Laboratory

Exhibition Laboratory

The Exhibition Laboratory of the Uniarts Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts offers the most interesting fresh art and experimental exhibitions. As well as exhibitions, we organise conversations and lectures. Exhibition Laboratory is intended to inspire new ideas and new exhibition forms, expanding the way we think about art and bringing vitality to its history and practice in the 21st century.

Exhibition Laboratory (700m2) is situated in the charming Punavuori district in Helsinki.

Project Room

Exhibition Laboratory Project Room is located at Lönnrotinkatu 35 at Hietalahti (across the market square from Exhibition Laboratory). The light-filled space covers 180m2, and serves to host students' solo shows and exhibitions related to the Academy's study areas.

Event calendar

You can find all the exhibitions, events and seminars from the Exhibition Laboratory Calendar

Artistic activities as a part of the artist education

Artistic activity is the Academy of Fine Arts' teaching tool, and students' contact with the society, art scene and art audience. Having exhibitions allows students to receive the first contact with the world after graduation.

Regular exhibition activities are the most visible part of the Academy of Fine Arts' artistic activities. Every year, numerous exhibitions are organised in the galleries of the Academy of Fine Arts. Exhibitions are also organised in the facilities of collaborative partners, both in Finland and internationally. The exhibition activities adapt flexibly to spontaneous and open motions, such as art projects that utilise the urban space in creative ways.

The central location and a showcase for the Academy of Fine Arts’ artistic activity is the Exhibition Laboratory exhibition space in the Punavuori area of Helsinki. In addition to the exhibitions, Exhibition Laboratory also hosts public lectures, conversations and performances.

Teaching and study areas of the Academy of Fine Arts

Exhibition team


Anni Anttonen, producer

Olli Karttunen, technician

Christine Langinauer, producer

Suvi Lehtinen, lecturer in Exhibition Studies and Spatiality

Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, Professor in Exhibition Studies and Spatiality

For the press

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