Andreas Behn-Eschenburg

Moving material on a surface.
Making decisions and evaluating the results.
I sit down and look at my painting.

Constantly reevaluating my previous actions.
Constantly making decisions.
Does it work?
It doesn't.
It does.

The paint never behaves the way you want it to.
But that's all part of the process.
It will lead to the next thing. It's just something I have to live with.
Something that can work for me.

Once you make that mark on the fresh white canvas you can't take it back.
Does it work?

Painting is a process of trial and error.
It is perseverance until something works.
It is the interaction between material, surface and human.
It is a back and forth.
It is a record of an action.
It is evidence of doing.

It is the fifth cup of tea,
the music playing from the computer,
the endless hours of procrastination,
the “okay let's do this!”
It is everything that happens in the studio.

Andreas Behn-Eschenburg, 1988, Zurich, Switzerland


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