ARCHIPELAGO MOUNTAIN / 28.11.–12.12.2018 / Exhibition Laboratory

Clock icon 28. November 2018 - 12. December 2018

This is a project about landscape as a formal and informal disposition of elements. Coordinates. An arrangement, a hierarchy: borders and de-limitations, transpositions and transgressions, frames and their inside-outside, margins, and of course landscape—of the geographical, political, personal, and emotional nature.

Édouard Glissant calls it archipelagic thinking. A group of islands that lends its topography to an alternative imaginary. A reassessment of the insularity of bound cultures, of nation-states, and the heaviness of “continental thought”. 

The archipelago is an alternative imaginary, one that posits that identity could be as a conglomeration of islands (composed of many, yet is one).

Oh these little earthquakes, here we go again, these little earthquakes.
Doesn’t take much to rip us into pieces.*

Identity formation, embodiment, complex colonial histories, multiplicity, interconnectedness, diaspora and change — Oh, to dispel the oppressive idea of nationalistic wholeness!

This is a project about landscapes.

Participating artists: Jay Mar Albaos (PH/FI), Sherine Anis (EG/AT), Martha Atienza (PH/NL), Katrin Hornek (AT), Henna Laininen (FI), Roberta Lima (AT/BR/FI), Linda Reif (AT), Jaakko Ruuska (FI), Stefania Strouza (GR/AT), Sophie Hirsch (AT/ US)

Curated by: Ana de Almeida & Stephanie Misa

Supported by BKA Kunst & Kultur Österreich (Federal Chancellery Austria, Arts & Culture)

The exhibition will stay open during the Research Days at the Academy of Fine Arts from 10 until 12 December. Day two, Dec 11, is hosted by Ana de Almeida and Stephanie Misa, curators of the exhibition ARCHIPELAGO MOUNTAIN.

NB. Closed on Independece day Dec 6.

Photo: Linda Reif, Military Boat Disappearing in Darkness, 2017, Photo by Linda Reif.


*Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes