Elävä elokuvaesitys ja installaatio, projektorit, 16 mm filmiluupit, esineitä / Live cinema performance and installation; projectors; 16mm film loops; objects

Britt Al-Busultan

Proposal for A Future, 2018

Film is a celebration of light, colour and sound whose physical and illusional qualities play an equal role in my work. Employing a structural approach to narrative filmmaking, I combine the trompe l’oeil illusion of film with perceptions of the actual material, the dynamic surface of light and shadow to create a space for experimentation. My perceptual investigation and demystification of the image’s surface is formed through revealing and unraveling the filmic organism through experimental processing and projecting.

Imaginary narratives spring from present-day discussions, topical undercurrents and submerged public problems. Nowadays, there seems little space for the emergence of the other — a situation, a routine, a person that is different; a space for those or that which doesn't comply to common rules. My objective is to look to the margins to open up a third space, where both the one and the other have a raison d’être, and in which various ways and new futures can be envisioned.

I aim to create situations in which you can imagine a different path than the one on which you are currently walking.


Britt Al-Busultan, 1976, Alkhobar, Saudi-Arabia